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Epic Fitness LLC

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Epic Fitness LLC

EpicFitnessEpic Fitness was created in 2005 in Southern California to fill a void in qualified and experienced personal trainers. With more and more studies showing an obesity epidemic on the rise, America has never needed to exercise as much as it does now.

Epic Fitness believes in not only training but also educating clients, so that they understand what each exercise or movement does to their body. Unlike most gyms who hire inexperienced trainers and neglect the clients goals, we believe that each training program should be specifically designed for the client.

Our expert trainers will give a consultation and assessment prior to your first session. The purpose of this consultation is to document your goals and expectations, as well as provide feedback on what can be expected. This meeting will also serve as an assessment of your current level of physical fitness. Whether you are a professional athlete or 50 years old with no experience, you’ll receive this important assessment. Not only does it ensure that you are able to safely begin a workout routine, but it will also give us a recording of your BMI (body mass index), body fat percentage, resting heart rate, step test, etc so that we can monitor your progress.