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Rababy & Associates, LLC

Client: Rababy & Associates, LLC Date: April 7, 2014 Category: Visit Website

Rababy & Associates, LLC

RababyRababy & Associates is a consulting firm with a combined experience of over 100 years in specialized research and analysis for industry and the federal government. We are committed to providing quality, responsive, tailored products and services to our clients that exceed their expectations.

The Information Revolution of the 21st Century can be overwhelming and contradictory. The analysts at Rababy & Associates specialize in capturing the pertinent and critical information from the “noise.” The “noise” of this revolution makes it difficult to truly identify the key pieces of data necessary to make sound decisions. Rababy & Associates help quiet the noise by providing tailored assessments and estimates based on our clients requirements.

The volume of data available today is overwhelming. The Internet (the largest source of information today) is growing by four sites per minute. With the ever growing global media coverage, we are able to monitor events as they occur in real time. Technology has made this easier and more affordable. At Rababy & Associates we apply the tactics, techniques, and procedures utilized in classified intelligence to the unclassified world to the great satisfaction of our customers.