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Sam’s Safety Equipment

Date: April 27, 2015 Category: Visit Website

Sam’s Safety Equipment

SSESam’s Safety Equipment is a second generation family and veteran owned workwear outfitting business. We serve the oil & gas and construction industries in Houston, Texas for over 50 years. We focus on satisfying our customer’s needs for head to toe personal protective equipment (PPE). We are dedicated to solving our customers safety problems with timely and convenient solutions. We offer a range of sources to solve these problems from our fully stocked showroom, to our website, our outside sales force, and free same day delivery service.

Our company has expanded in the past few years as we enter our second generation of family ownership under the leadership of Kevin Doffing. Our products and services contiue to evolve based ont he needs of our customers and changes in their industries. Expansion of services include garment customization, fire extinguisher services, a new mobile shoe truck, and coming soon we will be safety training. The success of the business these past few years is attributed to getting our customer out of the safety business and back to work making money in their own job. We constantly strive to make our customers lives easier, our philospohy is that if your company is more efficient and grows we will grow with you.

In 2014 Sam’s Safety Equipment was recognized by Texas A&M for it’s prestigious Aggie 100 list. The company was found to be the 85th fastest growing Aggie owned company in America.