Gardner & Capparelli

Gardner & Capparelli was established in June 2016, and it is not your stereotypical accounting firm. G&C is a boutique firm specializing in virtual CFO and cloud based accounting services, working with start-ups, rescue accounting, and taxation. G&C specializes in working with clients and new business entrepreneurs that do not fit the model of the traditional accounting firm. That is why G&C offers an alternative solution to clients the intention to leverage technology and expand their reach from the northeast to anywhere in the country.


Gardner & Capparelli CPA’s offer free consultation and discounted pricing for veterans and military family members. Services include:

  • Free consultation on advice on choosing business entity
  • Discounted accounting and taxation services for veterans and military family members
  • Nationwide availability

NOTE: In order to use Gardner & Capparelli CPA’s please submit a post program request at top of the page or send an email to